Where to get T-shirts made for private label?

where to get custom t-shirts made
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If you are looking where to get custom t-shirts made, you’re in the right place. In this article we will discuss the most important factors when selecting a T-shirt supplier for your brand. Firstly, long term profit and brand longevity must be underpinning factors of your label. So, meticulously exploring your options for where to get T-shirts made is a wise move. Your decisions early on in the game will affect your revenue projections, outcomes and brand profile.

What to consider

When you start your fashion label journey, you face an array of challenges.  The first being, deciding on the quantity and price of your T-shirt order. Your next step is then finding a supplier who can match your ball-park figure. Make sure you have calculated your expected ROI (return on investment) based on the manufacturer’s quote. For example, have your T-shirts made for $10USD each and sell them for $50USD each. Your return on investment will equal to 400% profit. A return on investment of this gain will allow you to continue re-investing into your business. Most importantly, you will be able to comfortably pay your outlays.

The second major factor you must consider is the quality of T-shirt you aim to provide your customers. Attempting to sell a product that is not quality assured will only do your brand and revenue damage. Especially if you are selling with a premium price tag. 

The goal of your T-shirts is to gain CFL (Customers for life). This is so you can attain steady profit growth for your fashion label. If a customer loves the quality of your T-shirts, they will become a return customer. In turn, you will not have to spend money to try and attract new customers.


Fashion industry novices make the mistake of buying from wholesalers.  Whereas, the superior choice is to manufacture with a make-to-order clothing factory.  Wholesale companies produce tens of thousands of T-shirts at once. This does not allow for the individuality of your brand. Wholesale shirts will likely be your stock standard shape, colour and fit. You cannot embellish and individualise these T-shirts. For example, wholesalers do not have the capability to add your brands tags, hem tags and care labels. To make a wave in the fashion market it is imperative to be legitimate and unique. This includes adding the smallest touches of originality. Where to get custom T-shirts made is with a private manufacturer.

Clothing Manufacturer

The good news is, you can collaborate with a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) apparel manufacturer. They will offer an endless list of personalisation options. As a result, there is a phenomenal difference between the T-shirts you can order from a wholesaler versus a manufacturer. When it comes to fabric, the most important component of your garment, you are able to select its detailing. For example, handpick the shirt’s composition, the most in-trend colour or stripes. You can even choose two colour tones for different parts of the shirt.  

In terms of design, your T-shirt can be unique with pockets, slits, stitching or neckline. You do not have to stick with the stock standard crew neck loose fit. Because this kind of T-shirt sells in every generic shopping centre. Think about the best fit and style for your brand that will outlast trends. Your brand may best suit a muscle, scoop bottom, longline, scoop-neckline or ringer T-shirt design.


Stand out and attractive T-shirts have eye-catching motifs and details. High Fashion brand’s tees exemplify this. Even their hem tags are striking and of high quality. Small details, like hem tags, have the power to transform T-shirts into a classy garment. For example, classy leather hem tags may be located on the sleeve. Moreover, a hem tag may be a colourful woven symbol at the bottom hem or a silver symbol hanging from the back of the neck. Contrasting hem tags with your T-shirt range’s colour palette, create an aesthetic a buyer won’t be able to resist.

where to get custom t shirts made

Brand Recognition

Another tasteful touch to add, is to incorporate digital/screen printing or embroidery. Brand recognition may be in the form of a picture or text or your brand logo. The most cost effective marketing strategy is to have your tag-line on the front of your T-shirt. This will boost the exposure and culture of your brand. For instance, high fashion brands continue to stock and have high sales of their T-shirts. Guess, Armani, Calvin Klein, Tommy and Ralph Lauren all highlight their logos.

Furthermore, there is another stand out feature that these big brands have in common. When you buy their T-shirts there is synergy between their brand tags, care labels and swing tags. These three types of tags are a must. They prove to the fashion market consumers that your brand is authentic and credible. Leave buyers with a picture of your logo and a strong or relatable message on the brand and swing tags. This is a very powerful marking technique. It will help to ensure they are return customer. In addition, note that brand and care labels need to be sewn when the T-shirt is sewn. So be sure to ask for the branded service rather than expecting to add the tags after the assembly of the T-shirts. Your manufacturer will be your one- stop -shop to make your T-shirt a customised work of art.

How and where to get custom t shirts made?

 Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is a low MOQ ethical social enterprise in Vietnam. Westerners who know international fashion standards inside out, are at the helm of the operation. When ordering T-shirts from Yoke Apparel Manufacturing their service includes customised T-shirts, printing/embroidery, swing tags, hem tags, brand and care labels etc. 

The design team encourages brands to personalise their T-shirts. This enables the brand to stand out in the market.  Yoke offers premium quality, low prices, swift communication and the capability to ship globally. These factors make their factory a hub for start-up brands around the world. Contact their team to get T-shirts made for your private label. Finally, Yoke Apparel Manufacturing will assist you to create your design scope and tech pack. Most importantly, they will help you create and sell more of your label’s T-shirts and garments. Where to get custom t-shirts made for your private label just became a whole lot easier.

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