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Where To Find A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

Low MOQ clothing manufactures are often hidden by the global giants who are listed on the first page of Google search results. As you would already know, this makes them are incredibly hard to find. Additionally, often the main blockage to starting a clothing label is the infamous minimum bulk orders of 1000 pieces we all know too well. This can be extremely disheartening for first time designers who just need clothing manufacturers for small orders.

However, textile operations who see value in new designers and labels do exist. You can breath easy.
These smaller clothing manufacturers with small quantity orders capability are genuinely interested in working with new designer talent.

Boutique factories usually value keeping the main thing – creating fashion as a form of art and expression. This is because they are built on the foundation of clothing as a platform. One that celebrates and promotes both creativity and innovation. As opposed to fast fashion where under cutting the market is prevalent. 

If you are a designer with a talent bigger than your first order, you should stick around. In this article, we will answer all of your questions regarding clothing manufacturers for small orders.

Why do many clothing manufacturers require such a high MOQ?

To find a clothing supplier that you trust, that is ethical and can provide you with low quantity minimums is a diamond in the rough. 
Firstly, clothing manufacturers for small orders are rare because fabric is at its cheapest when it is fresh off the weave and in bulk. We are talking around 300-600kg. It is common to make fabric to order for brand giants with a huge capital behind them. 

However, some fabric manufacturers still produce their own designs and staple fabrics. Although, they are not interested in selling portions of their fabric. This is because they do not want to be left with awkward amounts of metres and colours. It is best for them to sell the entire roll all at once.

Often the next buyer of the fabric puts an additional margin on the fabric and sells it again, in smaller quantities. This supply chain can happen a number of times. Consequently, markets, Western countries and online stores end up with the highest prices. Even tripling the starting metre price.

Clothing manufacturers with a low MOQ either require you to supply fabric or a good manufacturer has a connection with the second in line on the fabric supply chain. Therefore, they have the ability to keep costs low. 

If you would like to learn everything there is to know, please read this extensive guide on clothing manufacturers. Lets continue.

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Does pattern making have anything to do with high MOQ?

The answer is simple. Yes. Time is money. 
The pattern maker is one of the highest paid staff members. Drawing up your pattern in multiple sizes takes time. You must know that.

Manufacturers are able to cover costs patterning and cutting fabric when quantities are high. Put simply, it is not worth their time and money to manufacture an extremely low quantity such as 10 items. Essentially, the clothing manufacturer with a low MOQ would lose money by processing these small orders.

They must cover their outlays including wages, rent, electricity, marketing etc. This is why they prefer bigger orders. Don’t worry, you gain more insight into the industry during the manufacturing process. You’ll see for yourself.


Who will make a low MOQ for my new brand?

Where do you find a clothing manufacturer with low minimum order? Do your research and price up local suppliers and factories abroad. Or you can use our research on the following clothing manufacturers for small orders.

If you are in the U.S. and decide to do your manufacturing locally, the Pennsylvania based Arifkin Co might be a good option as they offer contract sewing services.  This company was established in 1982 serving American clients. They create a range of products such as uniforms, dance and athletic wear for private labels. 

Alternatively, Yoke Apparel Manufacturing in Central Vietnam prides themselves on offering a high quality, full service packages for small batch clothing lines. Their minimum order quantities start at 50 pieces with the intention of making quality clothing possible for small business.

In addition they are also as a social enterprise. Whilst employing disadvantaged members from the community, Yoke’s highly qualified manager runs a tight ship. Together they produce top-notch clothing ordered from Western designers. Yoke is a custom clothing manufacture with a low MOQ because they aim to empower brave entrepreneurs and fashion artists.

How do I know I can trust them?

There are 3 ways you can investigate a clothing manufacturer with a low MOQ;
Firstly, if a factory wants your business they will allow you to order a sample of the design you have envisaged. That way you can make any tweaks and check the workmanship and fabric quality. Although sampling is quite expensive, it is worth it for your higher priced items. 

Secondly, to get a well-rounded idea of your supplier, you have their socials to jump over and see what they are all about. Their Facebook and Instagram should give you a sneak peak of the factory floor and the people you are entrusting your brand with. 

Leaving the best for last, how about visiting the factory? Manufacturers with no skeletons in the closet should be open to a client seeing where their money is going. For instance, Yoke Apparel Manufacturing have their doors open to clients. You can be one, too.


Why is manufacturing timely?

From the moment you submit your enquiry to the day you receive your product, can vary between weeks and months.
When your order is simple – you can save time, obviously. For example, ordering T-shirts using the supplier’s fabric.

However, your wait time increases when you are manufacturing items that are unique and contain particular embellishments. When you add extras such as draw strings, sequins, and zippers. Those may require extra sourcing time. You must take that into consideration if you’re in a rush.

Once the manufacturer believes they have found the fabric or embellishments, they can gain purchase approval from the client. The manufacturer can then proceed with organizing freight to the factory.

Following this, sampling takes place. The product is then sent to the client and finally manufacturing the order happens. You have the entire process here.

Clothing manufacturers with low MOQ do not usually have an extended waiting list- so that’s definitely a bonus! 

Clothing Manufacturer Low MOQ conclusions

Definitely do not give up your brilliant idea to start your own clothing label. You can do it. You may not find a low moq clothing manufacturer in the USA with the capability of complex fashion design but there are plenty of other alternatives.

 Sure you will need to be persistent sifting through the factories, wait for emails and sample products. But the rewards are huge! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Although you might struggle finding a clothing manufacturer with low minimum order quantities however the goods news is small operations are out there for you. Your label still has the chance to hit the shelves. You must let the world experience your innovative designs. You got this.

If you have more questions, feel free to leave comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Where To Find A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer”

  1. Avatar for Gen Lake

    Hi there, my name is Gen and I am a new business owner seeking for a low moq and oem manufacture who can help with patterns and make my loungewear brand. Please let me know your moq per style? Shipping cost to the Maryland and Toronto, Canada. Also, I am looking for several types of materials to use , 95%bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, 80%poly 20% spandex. Please let me know if you can be of any help. Thank You

    1. Avatar for yokeam777

      Hello Gen,

      Thanks for the enquiry, its great to hear from you. Our sales team will be in contact with you shortly.

  2. Avatar for Kinika Chizindu
    Kinika Chizindu

    Hello I just recently started my own business,and looking for low moq that can design my dresses and other items.Please contact me if you can be of help

  3. Avatar for Cicilia

    I am a new to online fashion for over 40s just setting up my online business .I do come from a manufacturing background and I’m seeking for a low moq who will manufacture I will supply my patterns I love casual clothing and comfortable.Good quality stretches cotton poly spandex. & heritage is from Tuscany to Abruzzi . Please let me know your moq per style? I can supply fabric also.I guess like everything it’s all about $ Please let me know if you can be of any help .
    Kind Regards
    Ps website should be up nexts week🙏

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