Where Can I find A Clothing Manufacturer?

When Fashion designers are ready to bring their work to life, the demanding process of finding the right Quality Clothing Manufacturer begins.
Accordingly, many questions will arise. For instance; Should I Choose Manufacturing in a Western Country?
What about Manufacturing in Asia? How do I avoid exploitation? What else do I look for in a Quality Clothing Manufacturer?
Of course, the list doesn’t stop there.
So let us answer these crucial questions first! 

Clothing Manufacturing in a Western Country;

At first glance, finding quality clothing manufacturers in the West may seem easier. With that being said, it might not be as easy on your capcital. 
Expect high outlays, at least five times larger than if you were producing in Asia. 
In the case that a designer chooses a clothing manufacturer in a Western country such as Australia or America, many pros and cons will occur.

Here’s what you should consider:

Labour costs
Western countries have stringent labour laws that quality manufacturing companies must abide by.
Consequently, they often have to charge clients high prices to cover the labor costs. With the minimum Australian wage being $19.46 (US $13.74), you must prepare to pay prices that reflect this.
Often this means that many fashion start-ups must delay finding a quality clothing manufacturer.

Fabric Prices
More importantly, purchasing from Quality Clothing Manufacturers in the West can be problematic.
Of course, due to high prices and/or accounting for freight duration.
Whether you are purchasing ready made local fabric or designing your own pattern. Hefty boutique prices lay ahead.
For instance, if you are producing a small amount of designs and are purchasing locally, prices are sky high.
When buying fabric online or through a fabric giant like Spotlight, a 60% price increase will come out of your pocket. In comparison to Asia.

Are you curious about Clothing Manufacturing in the East? If yes, you must ask the following questions;

Why manufacture clothing in Asia?

Designers choose to manufacture their labels in Asia as they are able to get more bang for their buck. All without substituting on quality.
They can save money and invest into other equally important departments such as Marketing instead.
The overall living cost in countries notorious for quality clothing manufacturing is very low. Consequently, wages are lower and fabrics are inexpensive.
With this in mind, you should ensure you select the right country in Asia. One with strict environmental regulations, protections laws and political stability.
Along with a well-developed garment industry. Vietnam is a great name to mention here.

Clothing Manufacturers in Asia; How do I avoid exploitation?

Simple. Choose an ethical and socially responsible factory.
Ensuring your quality clothing manufacturing company meets ethical standards is also imperative when searching for one in Asia.
If you can visit, take note of how the employees interact and cwhether the spirit of collegiality is evident. Is there air-conditioning? Are they exposed to fumes? Is it spacious? If the media brings a company down for having poor working conditions, you might be going down too.

However, if you are unable to visit the clothing supplier’s factory, do your research and be bold with the questions you ask. Of course, prior to any commitment.

What else to look for in a quality clothing manufacturer?

Firstly, designers need to have a clear idea of their needs in a garment manufacturer for their brand. In addition to their budget and production time frame. 
Secondly, look for a manufacturing company that can sample your product. Ideally one that can design or has a tech pack ready for you.
Thirdly, it is hugely benefical to find more than just Manufacturing services in a quality clothing manufacturer. But also; consultancy, design and sampling.
Especially if you’re a beginner in the field. Trust us, you will need as much help as you can get.
Last but not least, and we couldn’t stress this enough; LOW MOQs! Again, if you’re just starting, you might not be able to order large quantities.
Finding a quality clothing manufacturer that can support you with that will be a game changer.

Should you choose Vietnam for your journey, the ethical and high quality apparel manufacturer  Yoke in the Coastal city of Da Nang is worth noticing.
Not only do they dispatch to Australia, South Africa, the UK and the USA but they do it for both start-ups and large scale brands.
All while they offer one of the lowest MOQs in the market. As a social entreprise, their vision and ethics are always in favor of their community.
Their doors are always open to their clients and anyone who’s interested in creating their own social entreprise.
Do you have more questions? Feel free to reach out and ask them here.


Finding the right quality clothing manufacturer is a true mission. But it’s best to think of it as a journey, one you will learn and grow so much from.
And in any event, breathe… You have plenty of options!
Now it’s time for you to make a plan, do your research and make some phone calls. So let’s get to it!

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