What is a Tech Pack?

You may have heard the phrase “tech pack” pop up while researching fashion design or from speaking with clothing manufacturers. But what is a tech pack? In this informative article we will guide you through what it is, why it’s important and if you really need one.

What information does a tech pack contain?

Computer Assisted Technical Drawings: commonly known as CAD’s, are two dimensional flat drawings illustrating your designs. You can think of these in the same way you would an architect’s drawings. They show all profiles including front, side and rear views as well as the inside of the garment. You will also find drawings and annotations about seams, stitching and lining requirements. The CAD gives your pattern and sample makers a visualisation of your design idea. 

Construction Details: These details may not be obvious to see in the drawings. However you will find diagrams and annotations regarding seams, stitching, lining, collars and plackets, cuffs, fastenings, bar tacks and artwork placement. 

Bill Of Materials (BOM): A bill of materials will do as it says. It will list all the components and materials needed to create the garment. Most importantly, it will provide essential information about your fabric selection. For example, the colour ways, composition, weight or GSM (grams per square meter) etc.

Sizing and Quantities: A good tech pack should include measurements for the sample garment. Along with a sizing and quantities matrix. This will give your clothing manufacturer your quantity and how many pieces denominated per size. 

Sample and Fit Feedback: Most tech packs will have a sample and fit feedback section. Once you receive your garment sample from the manufacturer, you will need to ascertain if it is the correct fit and size. There may be minor amendments that need to be made. You can communicate this through the feedback section and send it back to the manufacturer.

Why is a tech pack important?

You can think of a tech pack as an instrument to exchange very specific information. The more time you invest in refining and communicating your idea, the more likely you are to receive exactly what you want. Here’s 4 more reasons you might want to consider.

1. Receive Fast and Accurate Quotations: 

You may have already had experience working with clothing manufacturers. They aren’t typically the fastest responders and for good reason. To provide a quotation, there is a plethora of departments that need to be consulted. Suppliers, logistics and the production team, to name a few. In summary, preparing a good tech pack ensures you receive a fast and accurate quotation.

2. Improves Communication: 

As previously mentioned above, a tech pack is a ledger of communication between creative design and manufacturing. If the information is clear and concise, in theory your samples should arrive identical to the information you have provided. You will most likely only communicate with one sales person through the whole process. However, your designs will be passed through many departments such as sales, sourcing, designing, sampling and production. 

3. It Keeps Manufacturers Accountable: 

If you have manufactured abroad, you will understand that between obvious language and cultural differences there is plenty of room for “misunderstandings”. A good tech pack will all but solve these challenges with objective instruction. 

4. Saves You Time and Money.

Development and production times can vary. A good tech pack will save you time on communication, sampling, mistakes and give your manufacturer everything they need to plan and schedule your order. Creating a tech pack might take some time, energy and money. However, in the long run its one of the most efficient and economical investments you can make. You can even archive, reuse or recycle them for future launches.

Where Can I Get A Tech Pack?

Without formal tertiary, it can take many years of experience and practice to create your own tech pack. There are some things that should be left with the professionals. You can search the web for local designers or alternatively work with an all-in-one comprehensive clothing manufacturer. Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is a perfect example. They offer consultation, design, sampling and production services.


A tech pack is an absolute necessity if you are serious about having a successful brand. They are essential to ensure you save time and money.  But most importantly, gives you the confidence and flexibility  to focus on growing your brand.

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