We are an ethical clothing manufacturer helping communities

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October 22 2019 11:00am

When we became aware of the harsh realities faced by underprivileged Vietnamese people, we had to act. Social problems including poverty, drug abuse, and unemployment, needed solutions. Even worse, women widowed, divorced or who have been cast-out of families for keeping their unplanned babies, have no where to turn. This is how the vision of Yoke Apparel Manufacturing was conceived and why we decided to become an ethical clothing manufacturer. Yoke’s goal is to provide alternate pathways for underprivileged people, improving their livelihood and to bring joy to as many people as possible. Particularly, those women in distressing circumstances.

How Yoke begun

As our desire to help people gained momentum, so did the timing and direction of project Yoke. Doors had opened so fast and all we had to do was step through. Soon after, we posted the first Yoke Apparel Manufacturing job advertisements. Serendipitous meetings and confirmations affirmed which skilled employees would kick-start the social enterprise. Our dream to be an ethical clothing manufacturer had begun.

Staff of company

Partnership with women’s shelter

When Yoke’s clothing production established, it was time to take on more employees. People whose lives we could impact. So Yoke partnered with a local women’s community shelter. These women in need come to Yoke for employment, up-skilling and a home away from home. Being an ethical clothing manufacturer, means we treat our staff as equals. They are people whose lives we want to see flourish. All staff take part in our speaking English program which will proceed into a series on critical thinking and health. Thus, we are equipping our team to have independence and an opportunity to seek their life ambitions or direction. Particularly those who are hungry for change and opportunity.

Teacher and class

Yoke’s culture and values

Yoke is a place that respects and values all team members. We all bring different experiences and skill sets. Like a vehicle, each part is important. We share lunch together, learn together and after a day’s work, we often celebrate together. As Yoke begins to thrive, the impact, opportunities and future plans that we have for our staff and community are innumerable . As an ethical clothing manufacturer our duty is to support and promote the well-being of our staff and their communities.

People having a drink

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