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If you are looking to make custom t shirts for your company, brand or event then this article is definitely worth reading until the end. You we learn everything thing you need to know about t shirt design, what you need to consider before placing an order and why we are a preferred top t shirt manufacturer.

Types Of T Shirts

First things first. You are going to want to consider which style of t shirt or tank top makes sense for your target customer.

A common loop many brands fall into, is they all use the same basic fit and style of crew neck cotton t shirt. It does make sense, crew necks are the most practical piece of clothing. But if you want to stand out from the crowd then its probably worth exploring all of your options.

Read this comprehensive guide on Types of T Shirts to learn more. This article outlines all of the different styles of t shirts. It also includes diagrams and descriptions of the different shapes, collars, cuffs and hemlines.

Types of T Shirt Fabric

Once you have selected the shape, fit and style of your t shirt. Fabric selection is the next step. Many customers happily go with whatever is recommend however there are many options available.

T shirt fabric is generally categorized by 2 metrics, weight and composition.

Composition is essentially the ingredients or materials that make up the fabric. Most t shirt fabric is made from cotton and is blended with other materials such as elastane and polyester. Here are some common t shirt fabric compositions.

  • 100% cotton
  • 97% cotton 3% elastane
  • 88% cotton 12% elastane
  • 60% cotton 20% polyester (CVC)
  • 65% polyester 35% cotton (TC)

As always, there are endless options available. We wont go into too much depth in this article however if you do want to know more we have linked to a comprehensive guide on Types of T Shirt Fabrics should you want to explore further.

GSM is an abbreviation of grams per square meter. This is a metric used calculate the weight of a fabric. Below is a list of common GSM weighted fabrics for t shirts by style.

  • 140 GSM light weight fabric for hot climates commonly used for surf brands.
  • 180 GSM mid weight fabric is the most common fabric used for regular crew necks.
  • 240 GSM is heavy weight fabric used for streetwear.

Types Of T Shirt Printing & Embroidery

Once the base elements of the t shirt are selected, you may want to add some printing or embroidery to brand the shirt or give it some individuality.

In recent years printing on shirts has exploded and so has the methods and technology. Lets’ take a look at a few different methods to see which one best suits you.

  • Digital printing (DTG) – best suited for high definition pictures or artwork.
  • Screen printing – best suited for vector art, logos or writing. Less than 6 colors.
  • Heat transfer – cheaper option that may not last as long.
  • Sublimation printing – only suitable for synthetic fabrics

This of course is just scratching the surface of the different printing techniques t shirt manufactures offer. You can read more about them here.

Embroidery is also a fantastic option to add art or branding to a shirt. You can basically embroider any artwork however there are limitations to the definition of the image compared to DTG.

T Shirt Tags & Labelling

T shirts made for companies or for events may not have to be too concerned about labels or tags. However if you are a brand, you’ll definitely want your own customized tags and labeling. From top to bottom you’ll want your customer to know the shirt was made by you.

Here is a list of common labels for t shirts.

  • Brand tag – fixed on the rear neck of the shirt. Can be printed or woven on a mixture of materials
  • Size tag – smaller separate tag fixed with the brand tag
  • Care label – fixed on the inside hip. Used to share a message and give instructions on how to care for the t shirt
  • Hem tag – can be fixed to the hem of the shirt of to the sleeve hem. Usually a logo.
  • Hang tag – a hang tag is separate from the garment and is used to display information about the piece as well as display pricing or barcodes.

Labels are prepared using design files. So you will want your graphic designer to have these drawn up and ready to be delivered in a design file.

T Shirt Manufacturer

At Yoke Apparel Manufacturing, creating high quality products partnered with a seamless customer experience is why we have such a high rate of returning customers.

We offer endless customization with low minimum order quantity making it easy for our brands to get exactly what they want without breaking the bank.

We are strategically located in Vietnam to be closer to freshly spun cotton whilst being in a position to offer premium products at highly competitive prices.

Don’t let the distance scare you off, we offer global shipping with a 4-5 day delivery time.

Our customer service team are all highly proficient in english and are ready to help take your orders. Use the helpful steps in this this article to prepare your order. You can get a quote from the Yoke team via this link.

Alternatively, feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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