Sample Development

Let us bring your designs to life.


What is Sampling?

Sampling is a process which involves developing your design ideas into physical garments. The manufactures will create your sample based on the specifications in your tech pack. The whole purpose is to perfect the look and feel of your design and to make sure it’s a perfect fit before proceeding into bulk production.

What’s Involved?

Fabric Sourcing1

Fabric Sourcing

Our team of professional merchandisers source the highest quality fabrics from any continent on earth. Send a sample or provide a detailed description of your ideal fabric and they will take the stress out of sourcing for you.


Pattern Making & Grading

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing has its own in-house technical design team who can digitally create patterns, grade and fit test your designs. Guaranteeing you get perfect fitting clothing every time.

Sample Making1

Sample Making

Our in-house design, development and production departments all work in unison to ensure your design ideas become a seamless reality. Our sampling team of deceased of experience and can just about create any style of clothing sample ensure it looks good and fits well.

Whats next

Whats next?

Once you have received your samples you can ascertain the quality and have confidence that you are in the hands of capable manufacturer before making a final decision to fulfill your order. If you have created a tech pack and are ready to sample feel free to reach out to our sales team to find out more about our process. If you do not yet have a tech pack, feel free to read the design section or reach out to our design team.

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