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No Likes, No Worries- make your own money

What will influences turn to now?

October 31, 2019 8:25am

Instagram has caught our attention by hiding its most prominent feature. The number of likes on a photo can no longer be seen by followers. This change took place to reduce the users anxiety around how a post performs – based on its number of likes. Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil and New Zealand are the first countries to trial the change. This is putting those who rely on Instagram likes, such as influencers, in a shamble. This excerpt will reveal 3 ways influencers can make money without relying on brands to agree to collaborate with them.

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What is influencer marketing?

People with large followings on Instagram are known as influencers. They are able to promote products by posting a photo of themselves using a brand’s product or service. A successful post would receive thousands of likes. For example, soccer player Lionel Messi, who captains Barcelona FC, has 133 million Instagram followers- imagine your product being featured on a post of his! Using influencers on social media is a great way for companies to advertise. In return, influencers receive free products or renumeration for their involvement in the campaign. Although removing the number of likes has shaken influencer’s foundation, there are better ways for them to make money anyway.

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What’s the next step for Influencers?

Since the change, savvy influencers have smartened up. They have realised that they are in a position to create a more sustainable income. The answer to freedom and being their own boss is branding their own products. This may come in the form of clothing, make-up or niche markets like dog toys. Supermodel Miranda Kerr, is a prime example of this. When she became a mother she hung up her wings at Victoria Secret, and finally her inner-business woman was able to blossom. In 2006, she created the skin range Kora Organics . Now, she has award winning products and Kora Organics has over 346k followers on Instagram. Moreover, influencers will no longer have to chase down their next campaign. With suppliers now easily accessible for Westerners, informed influencers are jumping out of their skin at the opportunities. However, this is not for the faint hearted or happy-go-lucky types. There are so many moving parts when running a business & if you do not have patience or persistence, you may not see your baby launch.

You’ve already got a major head start on marketing

Think of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits sensation and Victoria Beckham’s successful fashion line. Influencers are already their own advertising billboard with an audience who are hungry for the next trend. Thus, sourcing cheap, quality manufactures and marketing to their own large following will enable their product to sell. Even better, their marketing outgoings will be considerably smaller than the average companies. With Instagram’s 1 billion users, your product has a chance to swipe onto your intended buyers screens. It would also be beneficial to create a YouTube channel as another means of free marketing to 1.9 billion users. Make your own money by launching your own product. It’s that simple.

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Where should I manufacture my label?

The first step is to find a clothing manufacturer you want to collaborate with. Be sure they value ethical treatment & allow lower minimum quantity orders. Clothing suppliers in Asia, particularly in Vietnam, are currently the most sought out. This is because of efficient freight time & the liveability in Vietnam. Consequently, many clothing factories are headed up by native English speakers, making communication easy. On the other hand, business with China, the former hub of manufacturing, is uncertain due to the current US Trade War. We know that you’ve already heard about the large tariffs placed on imports.

Who can manufacture my clothing line?

Based in Vietnam, Yoke Apparel Manufacturing provide excellent service for Western businesses. They produce quality products to Western fashion consumers. Even better, their business is ethical. The manufacturing factory also doubles as a social enterprise. Yoke’s aim is to improve the living standards of their staff and community. They prioritise hiring under-privileged women in distressful situations. In addition, due to the low cost of living and low fabric costs, the amount of financial capital needed to manufacture in Vietnam is a quarter of the price in comparison to Western countries. Make your own money and give back to a community – sounds like a win!


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Who can manufacture my make-up line?

Sifting through the competitive cosmetic manufacturing market can be tiresome. But well worth it when you receive a quality product. Astralab take pride in their products that can retail for $100. They usually only cost between $1 and $3 to make! Subsequently, your profit can be huge.  For environmental conscious consumers, Radical Cosmetics specialise in mineral based cosmetics comprised of natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore, they allow clients to develop their own formulas or re-brand existing formulas of skincare for make-up. Make your own money by putting your energy into a product you love and are connected with.

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Good bye time-consuming home photo shoots

With a well established following, a quality product and continued marketing, your product sales can soar. As your business continually evolves, your opportunities are endless. Influencers can say good-bye to creating fake moments. Make your own money rather than boosting someone else’s product. Influencers out there, have just become their own bosses!

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