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Yoke Manufacturing

Why choose yoke as a manufacturing partner

At Yoke Apparel Manufacturing we are committed to equipping you with the correct tools and knowledge to make your fashion dreams a reality.

Why choose us

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is the perfect full comprehensive service for established and start-up private labels. Our in-house fashion consultants will guide you through each step of your design and manufacturing phase. We will also help to create a customized business solution to build your brand. Yoke prides itself on delivering high-quality products at competitive prices and in record time. 

Our in-house tailors at Yoke Apparel Manufacturing have over 40 years of experience in custom tailoring, dressmaking & industrial garment manufacturing. Evidently the Vietnamese learned this skill during the French occupation in the late 1800s. The means that Vietnam has a very refined and mature textile industry which is why so many of the largest brands in the world choose to manufacture in Vietnam.

"At Yoke we know that if you don't succeed, nor do we. We are mutually invested in your success!"

Jesse James | Managing Director

Who we work with

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing not only manufactures large quantity orders, we are also producers of one of the lowest minimum order requirements in the industry. This means we work with both startup fashion designers and big brand names.

Yoke purposefully enables small quantity orders for our customers. This gives startups a safe platform to pitch their ideas to the market without overcapitalizing.
Whether placing small or large quantity orders, Yoke is committed to partnering with your company to increase efficiency and to remove any unnecessary hurdles during this phase. If you are interested in learning more about how we can best serve you please click here.

What we can make

There is very small limitation on our ability to create what ever your imagination desires. Our only limitation is based on fabric availability; however, this only impacts low quantity orders. Contact our team to learn more.


Get a quote

Click the GET QUOTE button to contact our team and receive a customized quotation for your designs. Our team is ready to guide you through your nexts steps.