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Yoke Leadership

Our Role

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is a Vietnamese company that is under the leadership of Western visionaries. Jesse and Shannon, a young newlywed couple from Australia had a burning desire to create a sustainable vehicle to help people in need. However, they wanted to achieve this without relying on donations. So, they combined their passion for fashion and desire to help others. To create a social enterprise and formed Yoke Apparel Manufacturing as we now know it.

Read Our Heart to learn more about the inspiration behind their story.

Our role in leadership at Yoke is to create an ideal working environment for our staff to feel like it’s a home away from home. Part of this goal is for our staff to feel valued and take pride in the brand & what we create. Secondly, our focus is to ensure that our clients are over serviced and expectations are exceeded.

Jesse James

Operations Visionary

Shannon James

Client Relations
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