How to market your small business

In these saturated markets we’re witnessing, you should know how to market your small business. It’s crucial for people to see and remember your brand.

Are you guilty of owning a Hard Rock Cafe or an I love NYC T-shirt? If the answer is yes, you’re not the only one.
Why? It’s because merchandise marketing is a killer strategy. It works. Having people wear your message or logo, is branding at its best!
Corporations don’t need to be in the fashion industry to recognize the importance of branding.
With a strong brand reputation, your business will attract and retain customers. 

But… How? Where and Who to do it with?
These are only a few questions we will be answering in this blog. 

Keep reading if you want to learn how to market your small business.

Create a brand people can align with

According to marketing executive Kara Thurkettle, “A Strong brand has the potential to be valued at even more than the hard assets of a business”.
This is because powerful branding creates a culture. One that people want to be a part of and support. Especially millennials.
They are an educated generation who are proud to associate with worthy causes.
They also express their opinions through their clothing and their social media accounts.
Market your small business by allowing your loyal customers to relay your message. Through clothing, without having to say a word.

Celebrities are using clothing to widen economic activity

Marketing your small business can be time consuming. And competitive.
With the busy online market, niche companies should add merchandise to their branding inventory. At this point, it’s a must.
Since the 19th century, branded products have been promoting corporate identity. As a result, many celebrities have taken advantage of this powerful marketing strategy. To increase the volume of their revenues, of course.

For example, Justin Bieber released House of Drew tees and hoodies. Travel Vloggers Daneger and Stacey created Live Dangerously Tees. And let’s not forget Kim & Kanye’s children’s range The Kids Supply. As the influencers’ reach to consumers broadens, the brand’s longevity increases.
For that reason, brand awareness and visibility is key to attracting loyal customers.
This strategy can also be used to market your small business. 

Online clothing stores embraced by business-savvy Millennials

Selling apparel as a standalone business has also become viable for entrepreneurs. With eCommerce platforms and Instagram, breaking into the clothing market was made simple. For instance, the visionaries of Australian Apparel companies such as Second Rodeo and Adi & El, saw the opportunity in their niche markets.
With their clothing in tow and digital content marketing strategies refined. They launched their dream clothing labels. Subsequently, these brands have taken off. When merging fantastic clothing designs with quality socials content. Consider the marketing for your small business done!

Manufacturing your retail

With the freight paths and low costs available. Manufacturing your merch in Asia is your most efficient and cost-effective option.
When selecting a clothing manufacturer, be vigilant. You need one who can supply your orders permanently. In addition, the product used to market your small business must be a quality one. One that you are proud of.
While China used to be the hub of apparel manufacturing, the tables are turning. As a result, Vietnam is becoming the clothing manufacturing country of choice. This is due to the country’s new port facilities and rich experience. Consequently, initiating business with China is uncertain due to trade- law instability.

Where can I trust to manufacture my merchandise?

Furthermore, labour costs are also in favour of Vietnam. Did you know the labour rate is roughly one-third the market labour rate in China? In addition to the infrastructure and ease-of-trade. Global companies like Nike, Puma and Under Armour were pushed to make the switch. Moreover, Vietnam hosts factories that allow small orders and offer a number of services. 
The reputable boutique-sized factory Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is worth mentioning here. Not only do they offer low MOQs and clear communication via Australian consultants. Saving you time and costs to market your small business. But also, they are an ethical company helping communities. This is a big win for any business! 

Collaborate with a foundation to stand out from the crowds

Doing business with a social enterprise allows your business to gain loyal consumers. Ones who aren’t simply after a one-off purchase.
Rather, it creates a deeper connection. Trust can be formed between the company and consumer as they get to be in a mission together.  Not only will the merchandise be marketing your small business, but you will be part of the change. The change this industry needs. The change the whole world needs. Yoke‘s collaboration with its local women shelter is a great example of that. 


Your business is alive in a time where marketing is a lot more fun than it used to be. You have plenty of ways to go about it. With the price of clothing manufacturing low, established businesses and start-ups have nothing to lose but all to gain. One should take good advantage of that. Forget the letter box drops and mail-outs. You can do better than that. Be a part of the change. Be the billboard for your brand. Let the people do the marketing for you.  Craft, merchandise and collaborate. Marketing your small business is about the culture your brand is creating. Make your brand worth sharing.

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