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You can buy blank off-the-shelf sweatshirts and hoodies just about anywhere these days. But when it comes to taking control of the style, fit and fabric, you’re going to need to work with a custom hoodie manufacturer.

However customization doesn’t just stop there. Sweatshirt manufacturers offer unlimited options for printing, embroidery, labelling and accessories too.

In this article we are going to break down each customizable element for hoodies to give you more design options. In addition we are going to share why we are a preferred choice of custom hoodie manufacturers for our loyal returning customers.

Select a Hoodie Style

First things first. Even if you know what style of pullover hoodie you want it’s always important to research for additional inspiration. You never know what style or features you could be missing out on. It’s also a good idea to choose unique styles or features to help you stand out and generate more sales.

You can do this by searching on Pinterest, Instagram feeds or even by looking on Google Images.

custom sweatshirt manufacturers

Alternatively, you can read this comprehensive guide with descriptions and illustrations including every type of hoodie we could possibly think of.

If there is a design you are envisaging but you cant find an example anywhere, don’t worry custom sweatshirt manufacturers like Yoke Apparel Manufacturing can help create any custom design.

Once you’ve selected your favorite hoodie style, it’s time to move on and select fabric the works best with the look and feel of your brand or event.

Choose a Hoodie Fabric

The feel and functionality of fabric selection is a super important process.

1. You will want your customers marveling at how good the fabric feels and how comfy it is to wear. You will only achieve this by using high quality fabrics.

2. Depending on which region or climate you live plays a large factor in which fabric you should choose.

customer sweatshirt manufacturers

For example if you were live in Colorado USA, with large annual snowfall. Selecting a fabric with a higher composition of polyester is a wise choice. Polyester doesn’t absorb moisture and garments made with polyester tend to dry quicker. Polyester is also really good at keeping heat in for much needed warmth.

In contrast if you were to live in Queensland, Australia. Choosing 100% cotton fabric is probably the better choice. Due to its comfort and breathability. It’s also far more environmentally friendly option.

If you would like to learn more about which fabric to choose, you can read this guide on sweater fabric. It covers things like composition (what its made of), GSM (weight/thickness) and many other useful tips such as like care instruction.

Once your fabric is selected, it’s time to decorate.

Hoodie Printing & Embroidery

Adding embellishments to your hoodies is where you can really express your creative flare. Printing and embroidery can be used to communicate a message, promote your brand or purely for aesthetic appeal.

Custom Printing: There are many different types and use cases for printing. Some methods include:

  • Screen printing
  • Direct to garment (DGT)
  • Sublimation dye printing
  • Heat press printing

If you want to learn in more detail about the different methods read this guide.

Custom Embroidered: If you aren’t already aware, embroidery is a process where designs and logos are sewn onto garments using special embroidery machines. Many tiny threads are sewn at rapid rates by a computer assisted program. The final result is a beautifully textured finish.

Embroidery adds a touch of class and even carries a higher perceived value. Embroidery is something that is definitely worth experimenting with.

custom hoodie manufacturers

A good hoodie manufacturer that puts in the effort should really be able to give you any option you require.

Hoodie Labels, Tags & Accessories

You would have noticed that on all of your clothing there are tags and labels stitched on in multiple locations.

Heres what they are.

  • Brand tag – A brand tag is to show the customer who made the garment. If customers love wearing it they will check to see who made it and will more than likely buy more.
  • Size tag – The size of the garment is printed or woven on a small tag to identify the fit before being sold. Sometimes the size can also appear on the brand tag.
  • Hem tag – These tags appear on the hem (bottom) of the sleeve or the hem of the shirt. The a purely for aesthetic appeal and can give the shirt a higher perceived value.
  • Care label – Care labels give instructions on how to wash, dry, iron and store the garments. The intention is that you would get a longer life out of the garment.

custom hoodie manufactures

Don’t worry you want have to source private labels yourself, a hoodie manufacturer will be able to custom make and fit them for you.

Accessories: You may want additional accessories fitted to your hoodies. For example many customers like to have custom made hoodie cords with either their brand name embossed or different styled tips.

Other accessories or features might include rubber stamps, zips or pockets. The choices are endless.

Why Choose Us

Now that you know just about everything thing there is on designing hoodies. You’re going to need someone to make them for you.

That’s where we come in.

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is ethical, high quality clothing manufacturer specializing in small quantity orders. We are strategically located in Vietnam to be able to offer our services at a more competitive pricing whilst helping people in need at the same time.

Don’t let the distance scare you off. We have international express shipping services with 4-5 day turn arounds.

We also happen to make a ton of hoodies everyday, so you could say that we have plenty of experience.

If you need help with design or general advice, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. They can help you prepare for your next order.

Once your design is finalized we can even offer a sampling service to ensure you are super happy with our quality before placing a bulk order.

If you just want to find out pricing to kick things off, click this link for a quotation.

We hope you got some value from this article. If there’s anything you think we missed or you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Additionally if you would like to create different styles of custom clothing but would like to know more about what clothing manufacturers can do, read this guide.

A hoodie manufacturer, signing out.

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