Fashion Schools In Asia

It’s no secret that an overwhelming majority of clothing fashion is manufactured in Asia. But where are all the pieces designed? A quick google search reveals that most fashion schools are located in Europe or America but little mention of Asia. So we are going to take a deep dive into fashion schools in Asia to find out where they are and how they could benefit you.

Types of Fashion Schools 

There are two distinct differences between types of fashions. Some are technical schools and some are universities. Here is a comparison between them.

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This is not to say that both technical schools and universities don’t offer both diploma and degree but as a simple guide. There is also no right or wrong between these two choices. It’s simply a decision that would suit your individual circumstances best. 

8 Course Fields  

The fashion industry is incredibly broad and larger than most people perceive. If you love fashion but lack the skills or confidence in one area you can still find plenty of opportunity in other areas.  The list below is by no means a comprehensive scope of the industry however it may offer some insight.

1. Fashion Design

Fashion design covers all areas of creating clothing. This includes research, design and development. You will learn skills in drawing, fabric technology, pattern design, computer aided design as well as sewing and garment construction.

2. Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Fashion buying and merchandising covers a broad range of skillsets.This includes garment development to better understand the product or component for purchasing. Other aspects include textiles, visual merchandising, range purchasing, sales and ethical awareness.

3. Fashion Communication & Promotions 

This topic covers visual communication techniques for marketing. It also includes all aspects of media such as photography, film, music, digital media and styling. This is best suited for career directions in marketing and advertising, trend forecasting and media.

4. Fashion Styling 

Fashion styling enables participants to understand trends and to help communicate a particular message through hair, makeup and clothing. This is a great career opportunity for those looking to work with big fashion shows, television or movies.


5. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography covers studio and location shooting, digital image and video editing. Also learn how to work with models to deliver the best content for brands, magazines and digital media outlets.

6. Fashion Manufacturing

Fashion manufacturing might be the least glamorous field however it offers the most job opportunity with plenty of career progression. You will get a birds eye view of the entire industry. Lean how to construct and assemble garments as well as manage entire supply chains.

7. Fashion Journalism 

Fashion Journalism covers all things print, broadcast, online and social media. Skills honed are research, media law, ethics, styling, photography and history. It offers jobs in large corporations or your own blog.

8. Fashion Management 

Fashion management is the brains of the operation. If you are analytical, lack creativity but love fashion, this is for you. This is the most comprehensive area of all fashion. You will learn strategy, management and finances.

Schools Located In Asia

Wether you are currently already in Asia or plan to study abroad, we have put together a list of reputable companies we have already reached out too.


Offering: offers a broad range of short courses, diplomas and advanced certifications for students. They also offer a range of higher education solutions for corporations.

Cost: course range from $3,000 – $25,000SG (all prices displayed on website.

Location: Singapore 

Cost of living: $1,200SG – $2,500SG pm

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