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Our MOQ all depends on the style of garment and your fabric choice. Yoke does not stock fabric so for low MOQ orders we can only purchase what fabric is available therefore your choices may be limited to a higher MOQ. For larger orders Yoke will have your fabric directly manufactured therefore there are very few limitations in this process. Either way MOQ’s are assed on a case by case basis.

Garment Style: – Photographs or illustrations – Detailed description Fabric: – Type (ie. cotton) – Composition (ie. 100% cotton) – Construction (ie. poplin) – GSM (ie. 120gsm) – Colour Quantities: – Number of styles – Sizes (ie. S, M, L or 8, 10, 12) – Size quantity breakdown Printing/Embroidery: – Screen print/sublimation print/digital print/embroidery – Design/colour – Size – Location Labels/Tags: – Style (ie. Brand tag, hem tag, care label, size tag) – Type (ie. Woven label, printed satin label, canvas label) – Design – Size – Location Packaging/Shipping: – Any specific requests

All new visitors must be approved and scheduled by management. Current customers and selected media groups are always welcome. 

Yes, the ethos and inspiration of Yoke are all about people. We have great culture within our company of treating each other like family. All staff are provided with healthy meals during working hours and they are also paid anywhere from 20% more than the industry standard. .


Yes, of course. We highly recommend purchasing a sample to ensure you are happy with the quality of fabric, workmanship and printing. Once you have sent us your designs we will manufacture a sample and send it to you. As soon as you confirm in writing we will manufacture your order.

All of our workmanship is guaranteed. Our quality control department will ensure your garments are of the highest quality. If you receive any garment that is a lessor quality standard, simply take a photo and we will credit the item back to you.



There are a number of variables on turnaround time and they vary from the size of your order and which country you are from. In most cases our time in production 4 weeks.

Yes, Yoke has a range of options to get beginner and intermediate fashionistas off of the ground. We have a consultation service to help you understand and plan your first range. We also have a design & development team who can help with translating your ideas into patterns and tech packs, ready to be made. Please enquire with our team if this is you.

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