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Need Help With Design?

At Yoke Apparel Manufacturing we are committed to equipping you with the correct tools and knowledge to make your fashion dreams a reality.

Where to begin

A crucial and mandatory step when working with clothing manufacturers is to ensure your ideas are translated exactly into garments of your description. To achieve this we must extract your design ideas and create a tech pack.

What is a tech pack?

A tech pack is a document that designers and production teams utilize to create your garments. Inside you will find a series of technical drawings called CAD’s or computer aided drawings. These show the manufacturer what to make, how to make it and include detailed descriptions of any fine details.

You will also find a product dimension chart inside the document. The product dimension chart shows you where and how to measure the garment and gives you a very clear break down of grading across all sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

How to get one

Simply collate any pictures or sketches of your design ideas, write a detailed description with instructions and send your ideas to us. Our team of designers are ready to turn your design ideas, into tech packs ready for sampling.


please help me with design

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