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Are you sick of paying too much for custom fishing shirts Australia? The reason prices are so inflated is a combination of strong demand through popularity and middleman jacking up the price. Well thats a thing of the past! The good news is, you can now go direct to a factory.

If you are looking for high quality custom designed fishing apparel you’re in the right place. But before we dive in let’s take a quick look at what a fishing shirt is, how you can customise it and a little bit about who we are.

What Is A Fishing Shirt

Fishing shirts falls under the category of a performance shirt. The reason being, they do more than just keep you clothed. As they name says, long sleeved fishing shirts were originally designed for fishing trips.

You can’t sit under direct sunlight in a boat all day or you’d be cooked like a chicken. So anglers started wearing long sleeve cotton work shirts for sun protection. Only problem with long sleeved cotton shirts is they are hot as hell and moisture caused by sweat and fish guts gets trapped in the cotton.

Thats where polyester came in. Instead of a tight woven cotton shirt that couldn’t breath, fabric engineers created a knitted wafer like moisture wicking fabric. In simple terms this means they were able to create a quick drying shirt that would suck up all of the sweat and release it without trapping odors. In turn, this also gives the shirt a cooling affect.


So let’s say you want to design your own custom fishing shirts. How do you do it and how can you customise them? Well it all depends on who you get them through. We’ve had a look around on the internet to find out whats been offered. We even sourced many different shirts from other suppliers to find out what was on offer. But rather than focus on what they can and cant do, lets tell you what we can do.

Graphic design

Other than the actual shirt, design is the next foundational layer of customisation. We have in-house graphic designers who can collate your ideas and turn them into awesome designs that will make your shirts stand out. Simply send them a sketch or some pictures with a detailed description and they will chuck it together for you.

The can create vector art, illustrations or even use a selection of high quality photos.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation is a printing technique that is used for synthetic fibers. This technique offers the highest definition and longest lasting quality. Basically the print will last as long as the shirt. Let us tell you why.

Once the designs are complete, they are printed onto special transfer paper using a sublimation printer. The blank shirts are then placed onto the printing paper and into a conveyer oven.

With sustained high temperature, the printed design transfers from the paper onto the shirts. We should really say “into” the shirts. The ink is transferred and permeated into the fibers of the fabric. Thats why we say the print will last as long as the shirt.


Our shirts are all literally made by hand. We have a highly experienced technical design team meaning we can create any style or sized fit you like. We have even made custom fishing shirts up to a size 7XL. The can even make polo shirts with the same technique.

Cuffs, collars & plackets

We can even customise cuffs collars and plackets. We can either use printed all over techniques or use custom colour poly or cotton elastic ribbed cuffs or collars.

Zips & Pockets

Zips and pockets have become increasingly popular for their connivence. You can have dirty or fall hands and still get shirt open or still have easy access to your phone.

Our Factory

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is an Australia owned factory located in Vietnam. The young Australian owners relocated to Vietnam to setup a social enterprise helping disadvantaged locals to find employment and learn a skill for life. They now offer their services back to Australians at cheaper prices serving their cause and putting more money back into Australian pockets.

Yoke an highly trained english speaking customer service team so there is no need to stress about language barriers. They are ready and waiting to handle your enquires.

Yoke prides itself on offering the highest quality fishing shirts in Australia. The offer extremely competitive prices with fast turnaround times. We are already servicing many Australian brands and wholesalers so feel free to enquire.

Submit your enquiry to get a quote today.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment box below.

16 thoughts on “Custom Fishing Shirts Australia | From $20”

  1. Avatar for Melissa Gerrand

    Hi there just after a long sleeved fishing shirt for our friend for his 50th birthday. Maybe with a picture of a marlin. Just wondering if possible to have his name COSTI printed on the back , thanks

    1. Avatar for Yoke Hatch Labs

      Hello Melissa, thank you for your message. This sounds like something we could do however please note that we have a minimum order quantity with our shirts. Feel free to send an enquiry to our sales team on the quote page.

  2. Avatar for Lou Turner

    Hi I am looking for fishing shirts that have a prawn on them as well as our company logo for 70 odd staff for the end off prawn season celebration in mid may.
    Look forward to your reply.

  3. Avatar for Sundra Naidoo

    Hi what would you charge for a custom design fishing sublimated shirt.we would probably want about 30 of different sizes

    1. Avatar for Yoke Hatch Labs

      Hello Sundra, feel free to reach out to our sales team for further assistance regarding quotes and pricing.

    1. Avatar for Yoke Hatch Labs
      Yoke Hatch Labs

      Hey Michael, prices fluctuate however I believe they start at around $20 with an MOQ of 25 shirts. If you require further information please send an enquiry via the quote page.

  4. Avatar for Rennae

    Hi there,

    We are looking to have custom fishing shirts designed with the same features (cuffed sleeves, zip collar) as the BCF one you have on your website. Are you able to please let me know minimum order quantity, cost per item and lead time.

    Thank you

    1. Avatar for Yoke Hatch Labs

      Hey Janine, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for fishing shirts per design is 25 pieces. Is there anything else we can help with?

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