The Best Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers

The truth is, finding the best Vietnam clothing manufacturers, is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this article, we will show you which ones to look out for and explore how to rank the best garment factory in Vietnam:

– Trusting A Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam

– Clear Communication Channels

– High Quality Garments

– Ethical Responsibility

All the while answering some of the most frequently asked questions, such as: Why are so many clothes made in Vietnam? What clothing brands are made in Vietnam? How much does it cost to get clothes made in Vietnam? Who are the best clothing manufacturers?

Trusting a Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam

While a majority of manufacturing still occurs in China, you’re definitely onto something if you decide to find your clothing manufacturer in Vietnam. Presently, brands such as Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, Nike, The North Face, Lacoste and Gap are all trusting Vietnam clothing factory’s. And the growing list go’s on.

Plenty of reasons why. For instance, Vietnam is open to the world with its E.U. international alliance. The country has free trade deals with Southeast Asia; India, Japan, South Korea and even Australia.

However, trust is still an issue that comes up when going through the list of garment factory in Vietnam. Finding the best clothing manufacturer in Vietnam and one you can trust, requires a lot of transparency.

The best advice, short list your top 3 search results and answer the following questions.

  1. Does the clothing manufacturer have a web & social media presence?
  2. Do they reply in a timely and professional manner?
  3. Does the manufacturer you are speaking with actually have a factory or are they a middle man? Avoid middle men at all costs!
  4. Can they demonstrate knowledge and skill as well as provide amazing samples?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you may have found yourself a winner. Remember the cheapest does not mean the best.

Clear communication channels

It is imperative that the best garment factory in Vietnam must be able to offer you clear and efficient communication.

Unfortunately, this is not often the case and is notorious for being a big source of frustration for designers with overseas production.

On the negative side, the language barrier makes it even more crippling. On the positive side, clothing manufacturers with fluent and/or intermediate level English Speakers do exist and can make all the difference. Communication is key!

High quality garments

Vietnam is mostly known for its textile manufacturing mega factories. They mostly specialize in knit fabric for t-shirts, polo shirts and casual wears. This is the high quality big clothing brands.

They are ordering 10,000 pieces of 1 style at a time. But for the sake of this article we are going to focus on the smaller factories.

Its obvious that these mega factories have their quality to down to a tee. However with smaller factories anywhere in Asia for that matter, it’s the wild East. Their standard of quality and accountability is mostly poor. Sometimes, this can be hard to assess without a sample.

Never place and order without a sample and run for the hills if you hear excuses after your sample has been delivered. Luckily, Vietnam’s best clothing manufacturers can offer high quality development and sampling services.

It is recommended to question the clothing manufacturer about their quality control process and terms and conditions of potentially faulty clothing. If they have fair and well thought out terms and conditions, your confidence in discovering a high quality manufacturer should be increasing.

Ethically responsible

Being the least expensive country to produce custom products in both textile and apparel, it’s only normal to question ethics.

Fortunately, when it comes to environmental ones, the Vietnamese government is doing a fantastic job. Strict laws and regulations protecting the environs have been strongly implemented.

It’s only fair to say, not every Vietnam clothing factory has their employees best interests at heart. If you have found a manufacturer who is incredibly cheap, too good to be true, you may have found yourself a sweatshop. Please be responsible and complete due diligence.

The best clothing manufacturers in Vietnam must be transparent about their Ethics.

The Best Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam

Yoke is a clothing manufacturer ticking all the boxes we’ve discussed earlier.

They offer full package production services for consultation, design, sampling and manufacturing. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) for most styles start at only 50 pieces. This means that you can pretty much create and get any garment manufactured  with the support of a comprehensive expert team behind you.

Yoke is also driving a lot of  positive change in the garment industry. For example they have developed propriety manufacturing process technology. This is to ensure they can maintain production capacity and lead times creating a better user experience for their customers.

If you need to restore your faith in garment company’s in developing nations, NOT all of them are just profit oriented. Yoke is a social enterprise with community restoration and development at the heart of their ethos.


The best Vietnam clothing factory is a diamond in the rough. You need to find one that understands the importance of the issues above and aligns with your vision.

In order for you to do so, you need to start thorough research and ask the right questions. To learn more, please read this extensive guide on clothing manufacturers. You’ll learn every step of the manufacturing process.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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