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Where it all started

Our Vision

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing was conceived in the sunny beach town of Đà Nẵng Vietnam, known for its warm hearts, cool vibes, and big smiles.

The inspiration and core of Yoke’s ethos were to create a social enterprise that partners business with community development. The Vietnamese people have had it tough with centuries of oppression and more recently, the devastating American war. This rebuilding country is no stranger to the garment industry. Having learned the skill during the French occupation in the late 1800s. This makes perfect fertile soil for Yoke’s vision to give empowerment back to the people.

At Yoke, our aim is to be a communication and operations interface that connects fashion visionary and corporate clients to the highly skilled Vietnamese work force. A combination of strict quality control procedures and lower labor costs ensures you receive the best deal available globally.

We not only create beautiful clothing, we are a one-stop shop for all things business and fashion. Our team specializes in equipping startups with brand strategies to give them the best opportunity to create a profitable and sustainable business.

“Life’s not all about selfish ambitions. If we can lend a helping hand along the way to those who most need it, we can create a brighter future for all.”
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Jesse James

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Social Impact

With the support of valued local community partners we aim to recruit at risk Vietnamese women who have been displaced from their communities. In some cases these women have either been victims of domestic violence or shamed for choosing to have babies outside of a culturally acceptable relationship. In addition, many of the women have raised children therefore have not had an opportunity to pursue careers or further education. They have no social welfare, community or family to fall back on. Our program offers these willing hopefuls an opportunity to regain confidence and maintain independent lives. Ones surrounded by a new formed community with mutual goals. These women will receive full time employment and have the opportunity to gain a new skill in the textile industry. Once the new employees have settled in and have regained some stability and routine. They then will begin an educational program that begins with learning English and includes; financial management, health improvement and transferable employment etiquette. In conclusion this is the heart and motivation for Yoke. With their permission and courage we will try our best to bring these peoples stories to your screen. As a result, with our story we hope to inspire a new generation of humanity restorers that value love. If you would like to keep up with our journey and those involved, scroll down to like and subscribe to our social channels.

How we can help you.

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