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Successful clothing brands are an inspiration to all of us. Especially those wanting to start their own clothing line.

In case you find yourself asking: How to start a clothing line with no experience? How to make a successful clothing brand? Let us just start by saying, it’s not impossible. Far from.

While reading about inspirational clothing brands, you need to focus on the lessons. Rather than the success alone. Of course, witnessing success is a great source of motivation. However, what’s more valuable to take from these motivational clothing brands is usually at the start. The very beginning. What made them stand out from the crowd. Along with the challenges a startup clothing brand faces before victory.

In this article you will learn from the following 5 successful clothing brands:

  1. Lev Apparel
  2. Drew House
  3. Gorman Shop
  4. Eileen Fisher
  5. Afends

Together with the missions, visions and ambitions that got them to the top.

Lev Apparel – Empowering Women

American stylist Krystle Marks founded the successful clothing brand Lev Apparel with an impact mission.
When Krystle noticed the lack of variety in designs for the less mainstream body shapes women have.
She decided to take action. While trying to do so, the Founder was exposed to another iniquity; the women working in the garment industry. So as to fill the gap in the clothing market and empower women.

Not only to feel beautiful in their own skin, but also get what they deserve for their hard work. Lev partners with Work + Shelter and Yoke Apparel Manufacturing resulting in an ethical production. Empowering women in different parts of the world. A powerful social impact mission led to the success of Lev Apparel.
A lesson for your future clothing brand startup.

Drew House – Mystery & Community

Justin Bieber’s very quiet baby Drew was born in 2018. Named after his very own middle-name.
This successful clothing brand left everyone intrigued. Including the big and small clothing branding companies.
The Canadian celebrity is capitalizing on his subtle approach and of course, his community.
“Drew is you” as a tagline. A big smiley face as a logo with Drew as the mouth. And voila, you can sell your 100$ sweatshirts and 198$ jeans. A two-ingredients recipe; Mystery & Community.
Important to realize, people want to buy what they can’t fully understand (and afford!). 

Gorman – Expressive & Unique

First, from Barbies to celebrities. Second, Warrnambool to Melbourne. Third, Melbourne to Tokyo and back.
It sure was a long way to the top for Gorman’s founder, Lisa. Before becoming the successful clothing brand with 40 stores across Australia.Lisa started this inspirational clothing brand with a collection for her and her sisters’ dolls. Gradually, she made her way into her small town’s craft store selling applique sweatshirts. Thanks to her Nanna, she also had first dibs on the latest Op Shop arrivals.

While juggling a nursing career and night school in visual merchandising, the CEO of Gorman couldn’t stay away from fashion for too long. After getting a two-year sales-traineeship for a bridal designer in Melbourne, she worked her way to becoming the designer she was born to be.

A year of travel later, she finished sketching her own small collection of bold and expressive designs. Finally, these were brought to life as an original eight piece unisex collection. The 1999 launch was a success, people wanted more. Lisa continued working as a nurse until her late twenties when she officially started the Gorman business. An expressive & unique brand for those who are not afraid to show their true colors.

Obviously, we can learn so much from her passion and devotion to her talent. They made her name one of the most successful clothing brands in Australia.

Eileen Fisher – Effortless & Sustainable

With no previous experience in fashion and a capital as little as 350$, Eileen Fisher came to life in 1984.

Starting with four shapes as designs and 3000 in orders. Eileen, the founder, built a sustainable and successful clothing brand for the sake of simplicity. With 1100 people and 65  stores in the USA, Canada, and all the way to the UK. In order to find the much needed effortless comfort the day-to-day wear was lacking. Not only effortless but also Sustainable.

Eileen Fisher continues to challenge the Fashion Industry with conscious values and ethics. Ones that she follows through. For instance, the Renew and Waste No More programs created by this sustainable clothing brand. In the first place, by taking back old and damaged pieces. The Renew team deconstructs and stitches them back together. Creating a limited-edition of designs. Then, the second team transforms these into new fabric to make home (and other) accessories.

Afends – Revolutionary For The Planet

Founded by Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield in 2006, in Australia’s Byron Bay. Afends’ designs were in the brewing for 9 years before they came out as a revolution. Revolutionary for the planet, promoting sustainability to the surf, skate and fashion industries. Following through on their eco-friendly approach, in 2016, the successful clothing brand opened their Cafe and Warehouse fully running off solar power. Alongside their very first 100% eco-friendly range released in January 2021.

Afends continue to put their money where their mouth is, by cultivating change for the planet and other causes.
This creative and passionate global community, is an inspirational clothing brand for the young and cool kids generations to come.


Starting your own successful clothing brand is a scary idea. Indeed, very intimidating. However, when you read other successful clothing brands’ stories. Nothing is impossible. Going through challenges is just a part of the journey to success. We know that at Yoke Apparel Manufacturing, where we help small artists start their own. Believe in yourself, in your ideas. Do the work. Fail. Take a break. Get inspired. Start again.


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