New Fashion Label: 4 Tips on Clothing Manufacturers

New Fashion labels are racing the clock when it comes to making season deadlines, and should aim to do so with as little stress as possible.
In 2021, the UK’s Apparel Market is projected to balloon to 62.2 billion Euros. It’s no wonder creatives want to give launching a new fashion label a shot.
A good relationship with your clothing manufacturer can enable your new fashion label to blossom and of course, help you make sizeable margins.
If you are a new fashion label and a beginner to the garment manufacturing industry, there are key components you must know. Ones that help you work most efficiently with your manufacturer. 

In this article, you will find the top 4 Tips on Working with Clothing Manufacturers in the most effective way.

Do your research on the Business side

A new fashion label requires a designer to be industrial, passionate and business savvy.
You may ace the vision and colour palette but when it comes to the business side, a plethora of obstacles needs addressing.
Drowning in tasks, missing deadlines or mis-calculating expenses is not a situation you want to encounter in your first quarter.
Using resources and being well researched on product development can give you a leg up. Before you even approach your manufacturer. 
Timelines, production cues, budget, payment methods, price projections, tax and shipment; you have to consider it all.

Prove your new fashion label will last

As the clothing market continues to grow, so does the demand for quality garment manufacturers.
Reputable clothing manufacturers often deny taking on new fashion labels. Or put them on wait lists from six months up to one year.
You must endeavour to prove you are serious and that your new fashion label is worth it.
Therefore, when you find a manufacturer willing to work with you, professionalism is key. Show them your brand has meaning and longevity.
Manufacturers ideally don’t want to work with one-off orders. This is mainly because it’s more costly to source for low MOQ orders. So if they do so for your new fashion label’s needs, they’re investing in a relationship. Not a “one-off-order-stand”.

If you have the opportunity to organise a face to face consultation with your manufacturer, like Yoke Apparel Manufacturing offer their clients, please do so.
Designers can ‘sell’ their new fashion label to the manufacturer and gain so much insight from this. These conversations ensure you know your target consumers.
Along with your budget for the clothing, marketing and what kind of quantities are best for a start-up clothing label.
If you are unsure, these are excellent questions to ask during your consultation. You got this.

Be organised and Patient

When you contact your chosen manufacturer, be ready with the details. It’s your chance to show them how efficient and organised you are.  
This is an easy way to make a good impression. In result, your order will be considered just as important as their bigger brands. Your place in the production cue can reflect this.
Manufacturers can see your design details and instructions are not concise, which helps them decide to collaborate with you or not.

Also, are you really ready for the manufacturing process? It is very different from click and collect grocery shopping. It takes time.
Remember you are stepping into the manufacturing world where there are many moving parts to produce and deliver your wanted product. Brace yourself.
Shipping, sampling, production & making fabric are all timely tasks. Give yourself a realistic timeline of 3-6 months before you intend to go live.
The closer your new fashion label launch date is, the more of a headache it is for yourself and the manufacturer.

Use Calm Communication

Consider how you can communicate effectively via email to get your desired outcome; that is receiving your clothing fast.
Be polite, clear and have a positive attitude in your email communication. Clients who come across as demanding, ignore questions and cannot communicate concisely, often don’t receive the best service from the sales team and tailors. Write in paragraphs, do not change your mind and keep to the email thread to ensure your goals are met fast.
Be the new fashion label the manufacturer wants to get behind, as they find it easy and enjoyable to work with you.

Furthermore most manufacturers have a website outlining ethics, policies and FAQ’s. Take your time while you read these. Show them that you have taken an interest in their company and that they are not receiving a bulk email. Don’t let your first point of contact initiate with a barrage of questions that are answered on their website. You can do better than that.

End goal for your new fashion label

In the long run, you want to make beautiful (and profitable) clothing. What’s even more desirable, is a stress-free experience while doing it. 
In order to make the process 100% enjoyable; you have to be prepared, polite and have a positive attitude. 
Your goal is to make a long lasting relationship with the clothing manufacturer of your choice. One you can extend for many years to come.
That way your new fashion label moves products fast. In return, your manufacturer is happy to support your growing needs as your brand evolves.

You know what to do now. But in case you don’t, you can book your very own consultancy call with Yoke here.

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