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How To Start Your
Own Clothing Line

We can help you every step of the way to
starting your own fashion brand.

Read Blog: How to start a clothing line with no experience.

Read this fully comprehensive guide to learn everything there is to know about starting your own fashion label.

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Designer New

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is a multi-national clothing manufacturer reimagining 3 key areas of the fashion industry


Manufacturing Experience

To provide a seamless user experience by providing end to end clothing manufacturing services with the aid of advanced technology and a high level of customer service.


Social Impact

To offer an ethical working environment with above fair wage and benefits. To provide employment and career advancement programs fordisadvantaged locals. Redistribute profits into community development projects that offer sustainable futures or temporary relief.


Environment Impact

Work towards complete adoption of sustainable only fabrics. Replace all plastics in the supply chain with biodegradable alternatives. Continue developing circular waste model.

What You Need to Know FAQ

Yes, we can help you get started with no experience. Send an enquiry to our team and state that you have no experience and need assistance. Our customer team will guide you through each step of the process.

Lead times fluctuate depending on seasons. Design usually takes 3-5 days, sampling 4-6 weeks, production 10-12 weeks.

Yes, orders can be expedited upon request with an additional overtime surcharge for our employee incentive. 

We can manufacture just about any style of garment with very few limitations on capability. Submit your design ideas to our team for consideration.

Our minimum order quantities start at 25 pieces per style and design on selected styles. Contact our team for further information.

The cost of a collection all depends on:

1. Your quantities

2. The style of garment.

Contact our team for a quotation. Please note that we are a high quality ethical Full Package Production garment manufacturer, our prices will reflect this.

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